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 Forum and Tremulous Rules

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Nome No Jogo | Ingame Name:

PostSubject: Forum and Tremulous Rules   Fri 29 Oct - 7:50

1.!putteam is only allowed for
-Moving yourself
-Moving an AFK player to spec
-Balancing the teams by number when nobody will do so voluntarily. as an admin, you are expected to move yourself before another player in this situation. Also note this does not apply to the end of match scenario where teams will of course not be balanced.

2.!kick is only allowed for
-Kicking players who are behaving maliciously in the game AFTER you have warned them. You are NOT allowed to kick for anything someone says (even about your mother). There is no exception to this.

3.!ban is only allowed for
-Banning a player who has already been !kicked, and warned of a ban for malicious game play.
-Also, any ban over 10 days MUST be reported. (Administrators may bypass this rule depending on the severity)
EXCEPTION: Aimbotters, wallhackers, and bot spammers are instabans. No need to warn or !kick before !ban. Deconning is also an instaban if it was intentional.

4.!mute is only allowed for
-People you think are spamming unimportant and unwanted messages, websites, and aimbots.

5.!rename is only allowed for
-Renaming players who are using words that promote religious, cultural, or racial intolerance
EXCEPTION: If they aren’t excessively preaching about the religion or culture, then it’s fine. However, if the name is severely racial. Rename must be used.

6.!allready is only allowed for
-Use sparingly. Some people like to talk in intermission. Take note of who has not readied and consider they may be typing. Do NOT do !allready at the start of warmup.

7.!cancelvote and !passvote
-Should NOT be used to force your will on the majority. Let the majority of players decide most matters. Your admin status does not make your vote any more important than UnnamedPlayer.
EXCEPTION: !cancelvote should be used to cancel ANY kick/mute votes. Determine what the issue is, and deal with it appropriately. Mainly applies to map/SD/nextmap votes.

-Only allowed for adjusting a ban for a player who YOU banned.
EXCEPTION: Level 10000’s can bypass this rule

-Only allowed to allowbuild a player only if you !denybuilt him in the first place.
EXCEPTION: Level 10000 ’s can bypass this rule.

-Will be used only when you see someone is deconning and you need use revert, this will be never used to spy the other team structures status.

11.!denybuild and !designate
-Will be never used to make yourself the only builder on a team. Other people like to build too. Please, first tell them what they are doing wrong, and if that doesn’t work, then !denybuild.
-Also, if someone is building “your” base (You were designated), just /callvote denybuild. Don’t use your powers unless its COMPLETELY necessary (Only if hes building feeding nodes/eggs/intentional decons of the RC/OM, etc)

Last edited by Yuri on Sun 31 Oct - 10:29; edited 1 time in total
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Mensagens : 27
Pontos : 45521
Data de inscrição : 2010-08-28

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Nome No Jogo | Ingame Name:

PostSubject: Re: Forum and Tremulous Rules   Fri 29 Oct - 7:52

-Not allowed. Everyone using this will lose their rights. Only developers testing qvms are allowed to use this command.
EXCEPTION: Level 1337’s can bypass this rule

-Only be used when one of the teams have NO spawns during SD, so that more players can join the opposing team.

-Its only allowed for major decons. For example, a reactor, overmind, or eggs and nodes in SD.

-Nothing really to inform about this command other than to use it wisely. Also, don’t spam this command.

16.Advertisement of aimbots is an instant ban. Remember to give us a clear demo or condump. If someone spams another site that’s not hacking-related 1 time per game, its OK, its not annoying. If you don’t like it, you can call vote a mute for him. Also you can talk with him.

17.Spamming of binds or constant offensive language varies depending on the severity. Sometimes you can use !mute or /callvote mute. Just use your powers wisely.

18.Any admin that is inactive in-game past 6 weeks without notification will be put into the Retired Admins section and will be setleveled to level 1 upon permission from Xspectator or ManBearPig@SRM. So as of now, forum players being inactive do not matter. Its all depending on what happens in-game.
EXCEPTION: Only Administrators can bypass this rule.

19.Recruiting of other clans is NOT allowed. If they PM you once and don’t spam it, it’s fine. But if they keep pestering you, you can use !mute or /callvote mute. Report to a higher admin if this gets a little out of hand.

20.Never use admin commands over other admins. If someone is abusing, report him to an Administrator/Global Moderator on the forums or a 1337 IMMEDIATELY.

21.Racism will NOT be tolerated. Just /callvote mute the racist or use !mute if it’s more severe. Remember to always warn the player first.

22.Probably one of the most important rules of all. Use common sense… Please…

-Can only be used if you have the desired command. This command is fine to use as long as you don’t spam it. By that i mean only once or twice a game.

-After some thinking over, I’ve decided that this command is to be used sparingly. Because once you give one person bubbles, another one wants it, and then another, and eventually lots of people want the command and it turns into chaos. If you’re going to use it, please use with caution.

Failure to abide by these rules will possibly result in your admin level being set to level 1.

By Yuri
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Mensagens : 74
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Data de inscrição : 2010-08-28

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Nome No Jogo | Ingame Name: BFG

PostSubject: Re: Forum and Tremulous Rules   Fri 29 Oct - 12:24

Quote :
By Yuri

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk nem parece manow
Olha direito, ta escrito uns nomes ai no meio. Nem conheco eles.
Nao tem lvl 1337.
Presta atencao quando copia as coisas xD lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Forum and Tremulous Rules   

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Forum and Tremulous Rules
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